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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 16, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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granted the same rights as people. >> geraldo: no. >> jesse: no. >> greg: yes. >> judge jeanine: yes you are right. hit it geraldo. >> geraldo: today we had geraldo's news with geraldo's golf classic the 34th edition. look at the generations. kids are aging out. >> dana: that looks good. that is it for us. hi, bret. >> bret: hi, dana. good evening welcome to washington. a targeted attack a hate crime, an act of racially motivated violent extremism that is how fbi director christopher wray described saturday's shooting in buffalo, new york 10 people dead and others hurt. the community in buffalo is in mourning after mass shooting grocery store. the suspect was targeting black americans and prosecutors are now considering federal hate crime charges. police are learning more about what the gunman had planned
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saturday saying he visited the grocery store back in march and had specific plans to kill more people if he got away. the acknowledgment by authorities of missed signs about the shooter have only added to the pain for the family members of those killed in that shooting. correspondent alexis mcadams is in buffalo again tonight. good evening, alexis. >> good evening, bret. that's right. we are learning more about the victims tonight here in buffalo that lost their lives inside of that supermarket behind me. can you see still covered here with crime scene tape. law enforcement has also given me new information tonight, bret, about what exactly what was left inside of that shooter's house telling me left a very detailed suicide note for his parents telling them exactly what he was going to do when he got to buffalo. as you mentioned, this isn't the first time he had been in town. police tell us this racist rampage wasn't going to end here at the topps grocery store on the east side. they think he was going to continue that rampage and credit police with the quick response.
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>> because of the body armor he had on, he could have easily retreated back into that store where there were dozens of other customers in that store fleeing for their lives which could have then turned that into another barricade and further slaughter. >> as investigators process this crime scene at the deadliest mass shooting in buffalo's history, the community still trying to process the loss of 10 innocent lives taken on saturday. >> my mom was my heart. she was the glue that held our family together. she taught us how to love, through tears, heart broken families describing their loved ones who police say were murdered because ever the color of their skin. the victims ranging in age from 32 to 86 years old. each one with their own story. 53-year-old andre mcneil stopped by the store to get his grandson a birthday cake that day. he never made it out. another victim being hailed as a hero is retired buffalo police
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officer aaron salter who was working security at topps grocery and killed while trying to stop the gunman. haywood patterson was murdered putting groceries into his trunk helping others get food. >> he loved people. he loved the community. he loved the church. >> investigators say the gunman, 18-year-old peyton chose this store based off of the zip code which has the highest black population in buffalo. police say he cased the area and believe the rampage was not going to end here. >> his intention was to kill as many blacks as possible. if the buffalo police officers that engaged him didn't stop him, he was going to continue down jefferson avenue. he was going to continue. >> now, bret tonight that suspect remains on suicide watch here at the county jail. they also tell us he will be back in court on thursday. important to note that investigators say he has been very calm even though he
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committed such a horrendous act. the fbi tonight just moments ago releasing a statement telling us they are analyzing the suspect's computer and his phone to get all the information they can. president joe biden will be here in buffalo tomorrow morning. bret? >> bret: alexis, thank you. police say racism is also to blame for a deadly shooting at a church in southern california but a very different version of racism. officials say a chinese immigrant targeted taiwanese worshipers, killing one person and injuring five others there congregants were able to prevent further carnage by hitting suspect in the head, getting his gun and tying him up with electrical cords. a national economic crisis across the board. consumers facing shortages in every day goods like food and baby formula as prices skyrocket. markets sank for a sixth straight week longest streak since 2001. the conservative plans to raise rates to ease inflation.
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analysts worry doing so too quickly will send the company into a steep recession not a so-called soft landing. biden administration is facing criticism for how long it took to act and for its failed plans for additional government spending white house correspondent peter doocy has the latest from the north lawn. >> justice department suing abbott to reopen their closed factory in michigan and ordering them to follow very specific rules to do it safely. baby formula shortage is not going to end overnight biden officials is still trying to figure out there are is red tape they can cut to import more formula in the meantime. >> welcome. great to have you here. >> as the president hosts the greek prime minister conducting foreign policy staffers are focusing on baby formula. the white house statement says we are also contacting suppliers of infant manufacturers to inform criticals infant
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production and encouraging them to their production and delivery. >> this is devastating. it's a matter of life and death. >> the fda commissioner claims there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> this will gradually improve over a period of a few weeks. >> there is another issue higher on the president's to do list. >> as president biden has said, tackling inflation is his top economic priority. >> and his policies, including the american rescue plan may have caused it. so you agree with the san francisco fed all the fiscal spending adding to inflation? >> sewer. >> the president tweeted this weekend you want to bring down inflation make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. jeff bezos called that out disinformation board should we via this tweet when the white house responded doesn't require one of the huge leap why one of the wealthiest corporation. bezos back at it, look, a
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squirrel. this is the white house's statement about my recent tweets. they understandably want to muddy the topic. >> how does raising taxes on corporation was lower the cost of gas, the cost of used car, the cost of food for everyday americans? >> look, i think we encourage those who have done very well, right? especially those who care about climate change, to support a fair tax code that doesn't change -- that doesn't charge manufacturers, works, cops, builders a high percentage of their earnings. >> tomorrow the president is going to head to buffalo, honing to comfort the loved ones of those lost in that supermarket shooting. i had a chance to ask the new press secretary karin jean-pierre why the president never went to visit waukesha after another senseless attack targeted a christmas parade at the end of last year and she said he has visited many communities, bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn. thank you. stocks were mixed today, the dow
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up 27. the s&p 500 down 16. the nasdaq down 142 today. we have less than 24 hours now until polls open in north carolina and pennsylvania for big primaries in those states. new developments may have shaken up the race in pennsylvania. bling you that. three republican candidates neck and neck in the polls i will speak with one shortly. the front runner suffers a medical emergency on the campaign trail. senior correspondent rich edson has the latest from pittsburgh tonight. >> primary election night party without the candidate, the confront runner for the democratic demonstration for senate here in pennsylvania had a stroke last week. lieutenant governor john fetterman says he is resting in the hospital. >> hey, everybody. it's donna gizelle as you can see we hit a bump on the campaign trail. >> it was on friday. i wasn't feeling very well. i need to get checked out. >> he can he said doctors told
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him to no damage and can return to campaigning soon. republican side supporters of dr. mehmet oz and david mccormick have spent millions on this primary. in the past week kathy barnett joined them atop the poll. >> they are nervous. they are nervous because we are winning. >> barnett's rapid climb in the polls prompted intense search in her past unearthing tweets like quote they are animals and must stop interacting with them as if they are rational human beings. nothing rational about islam. please pray there is homosexual female video showing she joined protesters january 6th walking next to proud boys. >> we can't send an unvetted candidate into the election given high high the stakes. >> are support president trump, denied she destroyed any property or has any connection to the proud boys. former president trump has endorsed dr. oz. he recorded a robo call urging
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pennsylvania republicans to vote for oz while criticizing barnett and mccormick. >> these are not candidates who put america first. >> despite that, some of the republicans in this race without trump's endorsement are invoking maga policies. even the leading democrats say they can attract trump voters in a general election. bret? >> bret: rich edson, thank you. we have talked to the go two other candidates for the senate race on "special report" here. let's bring in the third. kathy barnett. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> bret: i want to deal with the breans today if i could, first. you heard it in richens piece. nbc had these photos and video of you marching on january 6th the day of the right with the proud boys. the proud boys some of them obviously being indicted in some of the things that happened at
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the capitol. first of all, did you go into the capitol and how do you talk about that day? >> well, first of all, allow me to correct you. i was not with the proud boys. i was out there because i wanted to hear what the president had to say. i was also out there because i'm sure your listeners will understand the first five rights in the first amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. freedom to petition your government with grievances and freedom to assemble as well as freedom to -- a freedom of the press. so as a law abiding american citizen, i had every right to go to a rally in support of my president. that is what i was doing there. we had a wonderful time. we prayed. we listened to what the president had to say. we hung out. we walked. and sang songs and then we got on our bus and left and came back home. and so that is the beginning and the end of that. >> bret: okay. well, these tweets just happen to show you next to or marching
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with -- not saying that you were with them that day. >> no. >> bret: the pictures do show you next to them. >> i have no idea. i have no idea who these people are that i was working with who were outside of my friend and feand who joined me. the media is smearing my name and sewing disinformation it undermine my vote and steal this election from me. i worked very hard to be where i am and where i am right now. >> bret: just to clarify, you didn't go into the capitol that day. >> i said i sang, i prayed, i listened to my president and walked and then got on a bus and came home. >> bret: okay. let me ask you about this. liz cheney tweeting today after the buffalo shooting saying the g.o.p. national leadership allowed white nationalism. anti-sim still. history told us what begins in words ends worse. g.o.p. leaders must denounce these views and those who hold them. >> do you agree with ms. cheney?
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>> why would it be g.o.p.? i'm black. i'm black, i'm married to a black man, i'm raising black babies. why does she or anyone else think they care more about my black life or the black life of my family more than i do? why would i be associated with anyone who is a sprite supremacist. those are all lies. he know it was democrats who own the slaves. we know it's democrats who are the party of jim crow law us. the values that i found growing up on that pig farm in southern alabama the values i found i found them primarily following the tenet of the republican party. like it or don't like it. but those are the values it allowed me to crawl my way out of dire poverty and to create a different story for myself. and so those are the values that i espouse and those are the values that i stand by. >> bret: ms. barnett as you know in that piece we also
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playedsed this effort by former president trump who you were marching for and praying for on january 6th, has come out with a robo call in pennsylvania campaigning for somebody you are campaigning against, mehmet oz. and he mentions in that call you a couple of times. here is another spot. >> kathy barnett wanted to build a statue to barack hussein obama and attack the father of our country george washington. that's no good. now she changes her tune. >> bret: so your response to that? >> yeah. well, that is unfortunate that the president would say that again, i'm going to chalk it up that he has bad advisers on that one. it is very clear. you can go to my website at barnett for we actually put out the actual petition that i put out there. if you remember in 2020 during the summer of 2020, the emancipation memorial had gotten
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into the crosshairs of black lives matter, antifa and other woke leftist. they wanted to tear the national memorial down. they typically don't understand his strnd and free slaves in order to build that particular memorial showing abraham lincoln standing there with a mann breaking the bonds of slavery. breaking the chain of slavery. what i was proposing is these markers are just that they are markers. they are not -- they do not tell you what happened before. they do not tell you what happened after. >> bret: [inaudible] barack obama? >> no, i did not. i wanted a statue of abraham -- of frederick douglass on one side watching the black man rise up out of poverty and i wanted the black man who was rising up out of slavery to look at the first black president. did i not vote for obama either
3:16 pm
term but obama's presidency is a historical fact and it goes to the fact that this nation is not systemically racist. >> bret: we appreciate your time. we will be covering this vo closely tonight. and we look forward to covering the general election as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: as mentioned early jesper mast son call thernl seeking after sur buoy tent flirs item. , donald trump asking voters to him him a after -- fred budd continues to have a comfortable lead in the polls going in. he is vying for the seat vacated by retiring republican senator richard burr. coming up, striking numbers from the southern border illegal crossings. you will want to hear these. one of the most significant developments in john durham's investigation into russians origin probe heads to trial. later we will introduce you to
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>> bret: breaking tonight new april border crossing numbers at historic high. the homeland security department reported more than 234,000
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encounters in april. officials released more than half of the migrants they encountered. the more than 113,000 migrants deported from the u.s. nearly 97,000 were expelled under the covid era migrant rules. again, title 42 set to expire soon. actress amber heard took the witness stand today for the third day of t.j. in a libel suit filed by her x husband johnny depp. the trial resumed after one week hiatus. pictures of heard's swollen feet final fight before their divorce. depp's lawyers began their cross-examination of the actress this afternoon. the first trial resulting from john durham's investigation into the russia's origins probe began today. former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann appeared for jury selection. durham was also in attendance, it's just starting. correspondents david spunt is at the justice department with what to expect during this trial. >> this morning special counsel john durham walked into federal
3:23 pm
court for jury selection in his first trial related to a probe he opened three years ago. looking at the origins of a narrative painting donald trump in cahoots with russia. former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann is on trial charged with lying to the fbi. two months before the 2016 election, sussmann reached out to the bureau's head attorney. sussmann told fbi general counsel james baker he had information linking the trump campaign to russia via a russian bank but that information never panned out. several media outlets ran with it and the uncorroborated story of a trump-russia connection made headline after headline. over the past three years, durham faced great expectation. >> i feel one of the most important investigations in the history of our country. >> the investigation was heavily delayed by the pandemic though it picked up speed last summer. durham's budget was renewed last fall by biden appointed attorney
3:24 pm
general merrick garland. durham has charged three people, sussmann, a former fbi attorney who pleaded guilty to altering a government document, and a russian national charged with lying to the fbi. >> there is a lot of people in washington who were quite inclined to believe that trump was a russian operative. so jury selection is going to be very important and he is going to have a tough time getting over the hump with the jury here even if the evidence is strong. >> jury selection finished about 45 minutes ago to andy mccarthy's point right there we just found out bret in the last 45 minutes includes one federal government employee who admits that they donated to democrats in 2016. another government employee who told the judge they strongly disliked former president trump. both of those people on the jury. court resumes tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and we'll be there, bret. >> bret: david spunt at the justice department. thanks. up next, the u.s. crosses a grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic over questions over
3:25 pm
whether some covid precautions hurt rather than helped. fox affiliates covering tonight fox 5 in san diego. mental co-officials find a fully operational drug u.s. territory exit point for the passage way located inside industrial warehouse just 200 yards 2340r9 of the border. tijuana police say the tunnel was being used to run drugs into the u.s. and other illicit activities. this is a live look at dallas from our affiliate fox 4. one of the big story there tonight clean up on interstate 30. about a quarter of the a million eggs after a big rig crashed through a guardrail that is a lot of eggs. the accident caused major traffic delays as crews cleaned up the mess. an estimated 35,000 pounds of eggs were lost scrambled. lost. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from
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stressed, dry and sandpaper. luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops for instant moisture. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue ♪ >> bret: the u.s. crosses a grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic amid questions over whether some covid-19 precautions have hurt more than they have helped the lives of americans. correspondent steve harrigan shows us tonight. [siren] >> as the u.s. marks 1 million deaths from covid, a debate is intensifying over the effectiveness of restrictions that were put in place to keep all americans, young and old, safe. of the 1 million dead, three quarters were age 65 and older according to the cdc. and more than one quarter were age 85 and older this week the "new york times" reported that for those under age 25, risks were higher from dying in a traffic accident than from
3:32 pm
covid. commentator clay travis posted on twitter remember all those sports media who told you athletes would die if sports came back and it was too dangerous for you kids to play little pleaing? shameful. the fight over which is more likely dying from a car accident or covid goes back to the start of the virus. here is president trump in march of 2020. >> you look at automobile accidents, which are far greater than any numbers we're talking about, that doesn't mean we are going to tell everybody no more driving of cars. >> dr. anthony fauci at the time on the president's coronavirus task force disagreed. >> to compare traffic accidents with -- i mean that's totally way out. >> what was way out for dr. fauci in 2020 is now fact for those under age 25 today. for whom car accidents are a leading killer. >> when we think about what young people die of. it is accident, suicide, homicide. so, these are deaths that are
3:33 pm
largely preventable. but they are not due to chronic illness. >> deaths from car accidents have actually increased during the pandemic despite fewer people going out and fewer miles being driven. one theory as to why risk-taking. during the pandemic increased. bret? >> bret: steve, thank you. let's bring in fox news senior political analyst brit hume. i hear this story and i just think i have heard this before. >> boy, have we ever. i mean, from the beginning, epidemiologists and other leading experts said that young people, particularly young children were very nearly invulnerable to this disease and yet we closed down the schools and colleges for the longest time we closed down businesses regardless of whether the people working in those businesses were young or old. all of this in the name of trying to prevent the spread of this disease and, yet, look at how many people died from it anyway. there was the total failure all along the line to look carefully at the side effects of the
3:34 pm
measures that were being taken to fight the disease. and the collateral damage was terrible. i mean, we know about an educational terms. we know about it in medical terms because people couldn't get appointments that couldn't do regular healthcare, operations were postponed. cancer screenings that weren't done. the list goes on and on and the damage is only now being toted up. people at last are beginning to see that we did the wrong thing there. >> bret: it is amaizing to see. the stats being talked about openly. they were not for a very long time. the cdc acknowledging where this was a public policy miss in large part. but also politically. here is president biden talking about at that point florida governor ron desantis and what he was doing about covid in florida. take a listen. >> i say to these governors, please help. if you are aren't going to help, at least get out of the way. use your power to save lives.
3:35 pm
>> bret: this was about kids in masks. this was about the danger to kids. there are people who say we didn't know as much back then. but there were a lot of people who knew a lot about stats at the beginning. and, yet, it was a political, you know, weapon at times. >> brit: it started out in some respects, bret, the reaction to covid is how people reacted to donald trump. if they didn't like trump, they were all for the measures to fight covid and to blame him for not doing more and to blame others like governor desantis in florida who regulated with a much lighter hand than other governors did and ended up with no worse results and he didn't shut down the schools and he didn't shut down his state nearly to the extent that others did. and he came out in about the same place or by some measures each better. covid alarmists turned out to have the wrong prescription. these viruses do spread. the phrase i heard again and again during this period is virus going to virus. and it did regardless of the
3:36 pm
measures we took. and those measures did uncall do you believe damage. >> bret: quickly, brit, i would be remiss if i didn't ask you. you are in pennsylvania. you have this big primary come up tomorrow. we had one of the senate candidates on the show earlier. a big deal there in that state. >> yeah it is, bret. it's a very big deal because of the worry among republicans this season is that they have this tremendous opportunity to regain control not just of the house but also the senate and other governorships. governorship is up this time around and trump has come out endorsement over the weekend that was done apparently without consulting the republican leaders. they are not happy about the guy he endorsed. they think he is too far out. that he couldn't win in the fall and hand the state house governor's chair back -- well to the democrats to keep it and on the senate side he has endorsed dr. oz who may well win and the fear is that he can't be elected in the fall.
3:37 pm
wanted the trump heavy hand here will end up hurting the party instead of bringing it closer to victory. the interesting thing about it the agenda nearly all of the republicans have up here in both races is very trumpy. so, you know, you are going to get the trump agenda no matter how vote for, the question whether they will vote for somebody who can actually win. >> bret: brit, as always thank you. live to kyiv with the story of called the war on ukraine a clear cut case of good and evil and felt compelled to fight. ♪ at, finding perfect isn't rocket science. kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect.
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>> bret: president biden has authorized the redeployment of american troops to somalia. the u.s. will reestablish a military presence in that country following president trump's withdrawal. senior official saying fewer than 500 troops will be stationed there to enable a more fight against al-shabaab. invasion of ukraine. one of the biggest global brands to exit the country. burger chain closed most of its restaurants in march. several franchise stores have stayed open. mcdonald's owns about 84% of its 850 restaurants in russia.
3:43 pm
russia is reacting to a possible nato expansion tonight to include sweden and finland. president vladimir putin warns military buildup in the nordic nations would prompt a response from the kremlin. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in kyiv tonight. >> then there were two sweden non-aline joining finland to apply to nato. the russia's invasion of ukraine is the reason. >> the government has decided to inform nato that sweden wishes to become a member of the alliance. applications are expected to be approved. russian president putin remaining regional allies tried to put okay nant spin on things. >> there is not an immediate threat to russia with the inclusion of those countries. expansion of military infrastructure over the territory would obviously call for our response. >> this as battlefield gains for
3:44 pm
ukraine grow. border russia car chief, slowing the russian advance in the east. targeting russian occupied land in the south. the country's president pleased. >> my gratitude has no limits. i wish all of you to stay healthy. >> still, the russians fight on pounding the port of odesa making western military aid more crucial. 10 shipments in the last 24 hours. as well as help from hundreds of foreign volunteers. including americans like paul gray, tyler, texas native. veteran of two wars in iraq with 101st airborne division now frontline fighting the russians alongside the ukrainians. >> never have i seen such a clear cut case of good vs. evil. >> grateful the support u.s. has given including his weapon of choice anti-tank javelin. >> confirmed kill. >> still he was severely
3:45 pm
injured. he is recovering from leg injury. thousands have already lost their lives in this war. >> it was my moral oobligation and duty to stand up and help repel the invasion. >> and this breaking news, new reports just a few minutes ago say more than 260 ukrainian fighters, some badly wounded have been evacuated from that steel mill in the city of mariupol that have been holding off russians for some 82 days. ukrainian president zelenskyy announced the move just a short while ago. a possible indication that we could be nearing the end of this very long siege. a lot of courage all around. bret? >> bret: amazing. greg palkot live in kyiv. greg, thanks. up next, the panel on the deadly mass shooting in buffalo, rising inflation and midterm primary elections coming up. first, beyond our borders tonight. shanghai officials lift some restrictions as coronavirus cases fall there. supermarkets, malls and restaurants reopened today with
3:46 pm
limits on customers; however, the city's subway system remains closed. and this is a live look at brussels. one of the big stories there tonight, the city hosts the world's first pedal boat championship. teams were given four hours to compete as many laps around the pond as they could. pedal boat championship there. think of whatever you want to. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back ♪ ♪ i want to know ♪ what's the name of the game ♪ does it mean anything ♪
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♪♪ ♪ i pulled into town in a police car ♪ ♪♪ ♪your daddy said i took it just a little too far♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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3:51 pm
♪ >> to know that there are people like that in our country whose hearts are so full of hate, so cold, that they would do this to fellow human beings, fellow americans, it's just absolutely incredible. >> we must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of america. our hearts are heavy once again but our resolve must never ever waiver. >> for the first time our department of homeland security identified domestic violent extremism as a national priority area. >> bret: sound from the fallout
3:52 pm
of the shooting in buffalo at that grocery store saturday leaving 10 dead. let's bring in our panel mara liasson national political correspondent "national public radio." guy benson political editor at town host of the guy benson show on fox news radio and dr. ben carson housing development secretary author of the new book "created equal, the painful past, confusing present and hopeful future for race in america." thank you all for being here. dr. carson, i want to get your reaction to obviously the tragic events over the weekend what has come from a it and the talk around it in the days since saturday. >> well, obviously it's a tragedy and our hearts go out to the families and people who have been injured. why should would he be occasionallably surprised everything back to race and emphasize the differences between us real estate rather than the similarities and the things that we have in common? we start to teach our children
3:53 pm
that the most determinant of what happens to you in life is the color of your skin we create resentment and guilt. i expect to see more of these kinds of things if we continue down that road. we need to fight it vigorously and help people understand we can build our future on past mistakes and build our mistakes on the tremendous success that this country has had. >> bret: senate majority leader chuck schumer took to the floor about this guy take a listen to part of that. >> hard right maga republicans argue people of color in minority communities somehow posing a threat, a threat to the american way of life. this is replacement theory in a nutshell. it is dangerous. and a deeply anti-american world view. he. >> bret: he went on to say right
3:54 pm
wing media including citing opinion commentary on this channel is responsible for this. what about this on this day in the wake of saturday, guy? >> i'm not surprised. although it is disappointing and pretty gross to see. i think everyone with platform should talk about sensitive issues. sensitively. and those issues often include race but to rush out and assign partisan blame against the people you already despise unfortunately arely a feature of our politics that we have seen now for years. i remember now when a gunman tried to assassinate a bunch of republicans on the baseball field that gunman was steep in left wing rhetoric and watched some of our opposition or some of our competition in cable news and read the writings of certain senators and others. at that time i said let's not blame the actions of a sick mad man and demented hateful person on an entire political movement. i think that the is standard that ought to be applied in
3:55 pm
these moments. we should be able to grieve together and try to seek solutions together. but some people like senator schumer seem hell bent on dividing instantly which is what he has done again. >> bret: mara, your thoughts on this? i want to talk about a couple other things. >> i think that, look there are some of these mass shootings where it's just mental illness that's the cause. but there are other ones that come from some kind of hatred people different from them whether racial or ideological. we know this gunman referenced the shooter in new zealand in the manifesto or statement he had written. same thing happened with the shooter in the pittsburgh in the synagogue also shot up a bunch of mosques. these kinds of hate crimes seem to feed on each other and that's something that we will have to -- authorities will have to look at it and figure out how to fix. >> bret: all right, in the
3:56 pm
meantime the economic situation, dr. carson, is quite dire. and a lot of communities are feeling it. supply chain but mainly inflation. and now we have this baby formula issue. your thoughts on where we stand tonight where the biden administration is dealing with it. >> it's obviously a serious problem. it's affecting the bottom line of so many families. you are also looking at stock market that is plummeting and people's 401(k)s and their futures are being jeopardized. and all of it is secondary to a lot of policies that have been put in place. a lot of economists like you say it's cycle, economy cycles on a natural way. there is nothing natural about it what happens you have people understand the economy and understand how to make it flow and people who don't. and that's what causes the ebb and flow. hopefully we will see some >> bret: nbc/"wall street
3:57 pm
journal" poll had the public opinion poll joe biden at 37% approval. kamala harris 31%. democratic party 31%. republicans at 35%. when you put that up and then the direction ever the country and this one really is an eye openers: >> country and electorate disgruntled. very unhappy. reason for both of those things. two weeks of interesting news cycles with lots of different issues coming into play. one that i think democrats thought might benefit them in the abortion question and in the nbc poll that you just referenced, dead last on overall favorability is the democratic party. they have got a problem. they are in charge of this entire town, washington, d.c., voters are deeply unhappy with what's hang in washington, d.c. and there is an election less than six months away. >> bret: there is a primary election tomorrow in pennsylvania and north carolina
3:58 pm
pennsylvania senate republicans we had one of the candidates on kathy barnett locked in a three-way tie new look at the average of polls in pennsylvania. how do you see that race shaping up? >> this is an incredible race. i mean, it's possible that kathy barnett who nobody paid any attention to could benefit from the other two guys just kind of shooting at each other -- well, putting a lot of negative ads out against each other. >> bret: thank you. >> and a lot of times a three person race the third guy who nobody pays attention to surges up the middle and wins. that's possible. i could see this race coming out with any of the three of them winning. but, what we can say is that the candidate that donald trump has endorsed, dr. oz has been struggling recently. >> bret: dr. carson congratulations on the book. on politics, do you think abortion, this shooting, other things are going to factor in more than inflation and how
3:59 pm
people feel about the economy come november? >> i think those are going to play huge role as i have been traveling around the country and talking to people. you know, almost everyone i talk to, republicans, democrats, independents, think that we are on the wrong track. that we have some of the issues that are just very raw right now. we're doing things that don't make any sense. you know, when it comes to something like abortion, why is it that if you kill a pregnant woman you get two charges of murder kale baby with nothing. so many things don't make any sense. and i think the people are ready for some common sense. that's why i have a new podcast coming out called common sense. >> bret: common sense. the book is "created equal." i appreciate your time. panel, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, a
4:00 pm
special day. ♪ happy birthday to shirley ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> firefighters in north carolina sing happy birthday to a 93-year-old woman after a cooking mishap. smithfield fire department responded to the home of ms. gerald dean left a pot on the stove while she was in the garden. fortunately she was safe. fair balanced and unafraid. here is jesse watters. >> jesse: hey, bret, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: fox news alert weekend marked with tragedy after 18-year-old whack job opened fire on innocent shoppers at a grocery store in buffalo, new york. killing 10 people and injuring three others. one of the victims was a brave retired police officer 55-year-old aaron salter who was working at a security officer and responded b